Five teachers and nine students have travelled to Germany who all participated and carried out the professional parts of the project.

On the arrival day we were welcomed as friends by the host school’s teachers. After having checked in at the hotel, all delegations spent the evening at a nice restaurant. The next day, we got to know all the participants – including the students of the partner schools, and the headmaster welcomed the delegations. Each delegation had a classroom where they could start rehearsing their play. At noon we all had lunch at the school’s canteen. Afterwards, we travelled to Stuttgart by train where we visited the zoo. The children all enjoyed the trip because – unusually for us – the train was gliding voicelessly on the tracks. In the evening, we had dinner at a traditional German restaurant. The following day, we carried on rehearsing the play. We had an insight into the everyday life of the school. We were astonished by the two huge fully-equipped gyms. After lunch we made good use of the lovely weather so we went for a walk to a small lake, then we visited the sights of Schorndorf. We spent the afternoon there enjoying the view of wonderful half-timbered houses, lovely streets, squares and beautiful churches. The children loved this day! The following day, we were welcomed by the mayor who was kind to give all delegation special gifts.

At the school we had a last chance to rehearse our play, and then finally the plays were performed on stage in front of an audience. We had to perform one of the other countries’ plays or sagas. We got the Italian saga about the Medici family, while the Hungarian saga was performed by the Macedonian delegation. The stories had been sent well in advance to the partner schools.  Our performance was a shadow play. We could take all the necessary equipment, costumes and settings since we travelled by bus. The children were enthusiastic and amazing, their performance was fascinating – everyone loved the production, especially the Italians. After lunch, the children had a free afternoon with their host families. The teachers had a meeting where they discussed the tasks and duties for the final meeting in Istanbul. In the evening we were lucky to take part in a special school sports event. During this sport gala lots of kinds of sport were introduced, and we were officially welcomed in front of the whole town, since a lot of parents and spectators came and supported the school. At the hotel we packed our bags because next morning we left the town. The farewell was touching, all the children and teachers were sad that we had to say goodbye. We arrived home late in the evening, and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our bus drivers for their responsible work. We all arrived home safe, and have become richer in friendships and experience. I believe we have improved the good reputation of our school and country.

The Second Meeting of the Erasmus+ Project
Nov Dojran


Nine students accompanied by four teachers visited the second venue of the project in Nov Dojran  in February, 2017. They had been zealous in preparing presentations about the cultural and historical background of the Hungarian Saga and the workshop activities for the partner schools.

After a nice flight we travelled in the minibus of the host town from the airport to Nov Dojran where the host families were waiting for the students.

Next day the teachers attended to a meeting to refine the details of the schedule and we took part in a workshop where we could help the host students prepare posters about the life of the poet, Kocho Racin, who is the eponym of their school. We drew illustrations on the posters and translated his poems into four languages. It was a pleasure to look at their works about Hungary on the Erasmus+ bulletin board that showed their interest in our country. After the workshop  the host students presented a magical Chemistry lesson. Slowly our students started to warm up and make friends and they also started to take selfies with the host students. Later in the afternoon we visited the historical sights of Nov Dojran.

The third day the German students acted out a scene of their saga involving the students of partner schools. Everybody enjoyed it.

The fourth day we could prepare costumes from the given material and take part in the Italian fashion show and performance. As part of the mutual professional interest  we visited some lessons  - Maths, PE, Music and Chemistry -  of the Macedonian colleagues.   Later our hosts organised a dance learning activity as well. Our students spent the afternoon with their host families.

As part of the Hungarian workshop we had prepared a PPT about the cultural and historical era of Matthias I King of Hungary. After the presentation the students of the participating schools could try how to write  codices intraditional ink and quill sending messages to the past and the future.  It was a great success. In the evening the host school invited us to a joyful sport activity.

The last day the Turkish school taught us folk dance and games. We were all sorry when after  lunch we had to say goodbye. The delegations started off from Macedonia separately. We arrived home late in the evening. We made new friends and had a great time in Nov Dojran.




Five teachers have travelled to the first meeting who represented the Hungarian delegation of the project.

On the arrival day we were welcomed by the Italian school’s teachers and we were taken to the hotel. The next morning we officially introduced ourselves and started to get to know each other at the school. Each school introduced their countries, home towns and schools. The Hungarian presentation was a huge success because the power point presentations and the videos were made by our students themselves. Our small presents, which we gave to our partner teams, were also made by our students. After a short break we started to discuss the main points of the projects, the methods of the whole procedure: each school will put a chosen story, a saga on stage, plan and outline the step by step procedure including the saga’s historical, literary and art history background.

We quickly made friends with the Italian students, who were curious and eager to meet us, and were happy to take photos with us. Afterwards, we had the chance to get to know the town. We visited all the sights such as the castle, the museums, the city centre with its beautiful parks, and best of all the amazing view of the sea and seaside. Beautiful churches, lovely narrow streets, squares, parks, and the magnificent panorama – all in green, at the end of November.

After the mayor had welcomed us, we had a delicious dinner with tasty Italian starters and pizza, of course.

Even the beautiful flowers were unusual for us at the very end of autumn, not to mention the orange and lemon trees full of fruit. We did not buy fruit at the market, but picked them from the trees. To tell the truth, they were extremely sour, though.

Vasto is a charming, lovely, ancient seaside town with the population of 35000 people; however at this time of the year the streets were quite deserted. We had to accept the fact that Italians really do have siesta every afternoon: the shops and restaurants open at 5pm or even 7pm, on the other hand the closing time is much later. When we go to bed, the Italians start to live. They seem to be calm and well-balanced people.

We were surprised to learn that children only have five lessons a day. That sounds good! – exclaimed our students. On the other hand, they have to go to school on Saturdays, too! Does it still sound good?

We spent the next day in the junior section of the school, which can be found in a nice, modern building shared with the nursery school.  The children were preparing for Christmas so winter holiday decorations were everywhere. In the afternoon, we elaborated the project. We were more specific this time, and arranged all the details about our tasks and duties. The Italian hosts were kind to give each delegation small, personalized gifts. After the meeting, we were taken to a restaurant where we had special seafood which most of us found delicious. We took the bus and had a trip to the seaside. There was a nature reservation on the coast of the rough sea. Our hosts were kind and thoughtful, we spent the evening at a wonderful restaurant which used to be an aristocrat house. There was seafood on the menu again, but this time even more special and lavish. After this pleasant evening we went to our hotel. We spent the next morning at the school, and we walked in the city centre and on the seaside in the afternoon. We went to bed early because we had to get up early at dawn. We had a four-hour trip to Rome by bus, then, finally home by plane. We arrived home late at night and it was great to spend the night in our own beds.

We have experienced that it is interesting and useful to meet teachers from different countries with different educational system and practice, but at the same time we all work for the same goal. We have the chance to inspire each other, to collect a great amount of new ideas when visiting a partner country; some of these great ideas are recorded as photos thanks to our enthusiastic colleagues.


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